THEATRE - Male & Female performers for 'TITLE OF SHOW' Above The Stag (apply ASAP)


Book by Hunter Bell
Music & lyrics by Jeff Bowen
Producers: Peter Bull for Above The Stag
Director: Robert McWhir

Dates :
Rehearsals-28th January-12th February
Run-13th February-10th March 2019
Press night-15th February
Performances-Tuesday-Saturday 7.15 pm, Sunday 2.00 pm & 5.30pm

Fee : £245 per week rehearsals and performance.

Auditions :
Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th January
Recalls :
Wednesday 16th January

Title of Show is a one-act musical, with music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen and a book by Hunter Bell.
The show chronicles its own creation as an entry in the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and follows the struggles of the author and composer/lyricist and their two actress friends during the initial brief (three-week) creative period, along with subsequent events leading up to the show's production.

We are looking for the following roles only :
- Jeff (Playing age 20-35, Male)
Vocal range: G below middle C–TopB
The show's composer, a Broadway enthusiast who especially likes obscure musicals and collects Playbills from shows that ran 50 shows or less; loves bird watching, computer games and comic book heroes, especially Wonder Woman; a realist; while he has a great passion for creating, he worries about what others will think of his work.

- Hunter (Playing age 20–35, Male)
Vocal range: G below middle C-top B;
Wrote the book for the musical; dreams about making it to Broadway and one day winning a Tony Award; enjoys watching trashy reality television and 1980’s mega musicals; gets sweaty under his left armpit when nervous, and is often a little too eager to please.

- Heidi (Playing age 20–35, Female)
Vocal range: F below middle C-top G
Moved to New York to pursue her dreams of being an actress, and out of the four friends has the most Broadway experience (featuring in a number of ensembles and understudying lead roles); the ‘new girl’ of the group, having only worked with Jeff previously; dreams of one day originating a role on Broadway, but because of her commitments with an upcoming production of “The Little Mermaid” she finds it hard to fully commit to the musical, causing tension in the group.

- Susan (Playing age 20–35, Female)
Vocal range: F below middle C-top G
Quirky and kooky; truly an individual; a ‘Down Town’ artist who portrays the reality for many in the performing arts industry, maintaining a day job to support her artistic endeavors; enjoys turkey burgers, encouraging others to achieve their creative potential (aka killing vampires) and spending time with her friends Hunter and Jeff; has some doubts about her singing ability and is at first reluctant about being friends with the new girl, Heidi.

Please submit by Spotlight Link, or email headshot and cv to with "TITLE OF SHOW” in the subject line.