THEATRE - Male & Female Performers (age 18+, UK based) to play teenagers in new play 'CRONGTON KNIGHTS' UK tour (apply by 31st July)



We’re seeking to cast a group of:

- performers to play the teenagers in Crongton Knights.

Across the group we need to recruit some very specific skills:
- physical theatre
- beatboxing
- singing/music

Performers do not need to have experience in ALL of these areas but they should have strength in AT LEAST one area (in addition to demonstrating acting skill).

Firstly you must be 18 or over by January 2020 to apply for these roles.
1)   Choose a character from the character breakdown below.
2)   Find their speech.
3)   Create a short video - the whole video must be no more than 2 minutes 30 seconds total.
-       Introduce yourself with two short sentences
-       Perform your chosen character’s speech
-       A short piece of either singing or beatboxing (this is not necessary if your key skill is physical theatre).
-       Save the video file and name it with YOUR NAME.
4)    Submit your video here:
Please note that you do not need a high quality camera to apply for this opportunity, a video filmed on a smartphone or webcam is fine. We want to see you perform!

Due to a high volume of submissions we regret that we will be unable to contact everyone who applies.
If you have not heard from Pilot Theatre by Friday 6th September this means unfortunately on this occasion you have been not been selected for a further audition.

Crongton Knights is a national touring theatre production due to rehearse/tour the UK from January – May 2020.
Crongton Knights
By Alex Wheatle, adapted by Emteaz Hussain
Directed by Corey Campbell & Esther Richardson
“I don’t know why I listened to you about going on this mission! Now we’re in the middle of nowhere dot com, buses ain’t rolling, and they’re gonna beat us down, shank us, and then fling us in some big bin!”
Six friends. One big adventure.
Life isn’t easy on the Crongton Estate but when the magnificent six set out to help a friend in trouble, much larger problems come their way.
Although, with the help of a few good friends nothing is impossible, and lessons learned the hard way are ones you’ll never forget. That’s when a crew becomes a family.
CONTRACT DATES: January 2020 – May 2020

If for any reason you have difficulties submitting your video please contact

The play is set in a contemporary urban British world, and we have not taken any final decisions yet on accents. Please therefore approach the tasks highlighted in your natural accent.
The characters are:

- 1. McKay Tambo – aged 15 – male
Heritage: British / African
Appearance: McKay is larger-sized (not necessarily tall but could be). He is Black or mixed race
Qualities: McKay is warm, funny and shy. Also diplomatic. He is mad about cooking and food and wants to be a chef.
Character background: McKay is dealing with the recent loss of his Mum and growing up in an all-male household.
"I know what it’s like, V. you collect all the ​sorry for your losscards and put them in a box. then after a while you wanna tear them all up, cos you can’t bear to read the messages. you can’t do squat. you can’t throw any of her stuff away. you go back to school and everything is supposed to get back to normal, it’s never gonna feel normal again. Every day, still expect her to be in the kitchen when I get in, stirring up something in her mango-jackfruit apron."

-2. Nesta Tambo – aged 17/18 - male
Heritage: British / African
We are looking to recruit a Black or mixed-race actor for this part
Look: Nesta is athletic and able to physically hold his own.
Qualities: Nesta is a big brother who the group look up to. He is also a loner who can lose his patience easily.
Background: Nesta is dealing with the recent loss of his Mum and is trying to take on the role of parent to McKay. Nesta’s grief has led him to get involved in some trouble with other local teenage boys
"it’ll be better for you if I go missing, for now, anyway, I’m getting tired of Crong, I need to work out what I wanna do with my life, try to figure out what I’m good at - Yvonne says she don’t want no wasteman. and once I get settled I’m gonna see a counsellor or something.
Dad’s looking into it for me. I need help McKay. real help. and you know what, it don’t mean you’re weak if you look for it. there aint no shame on that. but I have to leave this place to get it. living in the ends it’s just ... just too much. you hearing me?"

- 3. Jonah – aged 15 - male
Heritage: Nigerian
Appearance: Black (African)
Jonah is an excellent runner / sprinter, so has an athletic look
Qualities: Jonah is cautious, and the first to see trouble. He focuses on self- preservation, and is very reluctant to come on the mission. Sometimes he is a bit of a coward.
Jonah thinks he has a great appeal to girls.
Background: Jonah’s parents argue all the time and they are not around for him, and he heavily depends his friendship with Bit and McKay.
"great! freaking-deaking great! say this taxi driver doesn’t turn up? say he drives back to his yard now after his airport run? say he doesn’t want to take some South Crong hood-rats in his car? say the Hunchbackers come hunting for our asses again? what we gonna do then?
He kicks something
I was meant to be linking with Saira tonight! me! Bit was gonna set me up neatly. that was the programme! but he hasn’t had time to do that, cos you’ve been hogging her attention all for yourself! I can’t get a look-in!"

- 4. Bit–aged15–male
Heritage: Afro-Caribbean
Look: Black (Afro-Caribbean)
Qualities: Bit is the leader of the boy’s gang. He’s brave and loyal. He’s the most confident of the boys, and the only one with a fully developed female friendship (with Venetia).
Background: Bit has direct experience of some of the troubles in the area, which gives him more maturity than the others.
(after McKay has banged down his door for his attention)"what’s wrong with you bruv? how many times have you called for me in my yard in the last four months?whispering o​ ver a hundred times, and you still can’t press the freakin door bell? use the damn ting! when you slap our gates like that it makes us all think you’re the feds, or worse, that it’s Manjaro coming back to Voldemort us! my fam is giving me nuff grief ‘bout it."

- 5. Saira – aged 15 – female
Heritage: Turkish / Syrian Look: Turkish / middle eastern
Qualities: Saira is assured, determined and a leader. She emigrated to the UK four or five years ago and knows how to look out for herself. She is a loyal friend. She’s smart and brave.
Background: Saira came to the UK from a Turkish town on the Syrian border and her father is still missing in Syria. She speaks a few lines of Turkish in the play. She has experienced the trauma of moving to a new country but has found acceptance in the situation. She may be the strongest of all the characters because of her life experience.
"it’s easy to make lamb kofta. my mum taught me when I was about seven ... get some minced lamb - make sure it’s off a shoulder joint. take it home, nice up the lamb with parsley, coriander, paprika, black pepper and whatever else sweets up your tongue. I prefer to roll up the lamb into meatballs but you can shape it any way you like. after that you heat up a frying pan with olive oil. put the lamb in with some onions and pepper on top. wrap some foil over it, let it cook in its juices: bitmis!"

- 6. Venetia – aged 15 – female
Heritage: Asian Caribbean OR African Caribbean
Look: Black or Asian or mixed race
Qualities: Venetia is a brave, complex, headstrong and determined girl.
Background: V has a very religious family but has been secretly dating a young man (in his early twenties), Sergio. Now the relationship has ended she has to confront the ways in which he has exploited her.
"I told you everything. how I helped Colette’s mum dress her so she would look nice in her coffin. how her mum still can’t get over it. how around four o’clock in the afternoon she still expects Colette to come bouncing through her gates from school. her mum can’t even throw away her clothes. they’re still in her wardrobe! her school books are still there in her bag in her bedroom!"

- 7. BushKid – aged 15 – female
Heritage: White (British or Irish) or mixed race
Look: White or mixed race
Qualities: An outsider, who initially stands apart from the whole group. BushKid is never without her bike. She’s chosen to belong here and she will not give up until she is accepted.
Background: BK is from a more affluent home than some of the others but her parents work so hard they are never around. She is seeking friendship.
"that first day of school when I was different, and I had all that nice stuff and they jacked my leather satchel. you probably laughed. they emptied my satchel all over the floor. my sandwiches, pencil case, my my pads ... sanitary pads, note from my mum with little smiley stickers round it – God why did she do that...?
you all laughed.
you did.
you all laughed."

source: @pilot_theatre