THEATRE - Male & Female actors (playing age 17-39) for new production with Paines Plough (apply by 12pm Friday 19th Oct)



As well as Open Auditions, we also hold auditions for specific parts in specific productions. As per our Casting Pledge, we publish breakdowns for every role we’re casting so anyone and everyone can put themselves forward.

We’re now casting our first production of Programme 2019, a co-production with our friends at Theatre Royal Plymouth of a major new play soon to be announced.

Below is a synopsis and character breakdowns. If you think you’re right for any of them, you can submit your CV for consideration using the form below. We will be in touch if we would like to invite you to audition, at which point we will send you further information to help you prepare. 

You will need to be available for rehearsals and production 7 January to 23 February 2019. 


In a cramped, crumbling office four volunteers spend a few hours every Tuesday night on the phone to strangers telling them everything is going to be ok. As the world combusts around them, Frances, Joey, Angie and Jon teeter on the edge of their own personal catastrophes. Their hopes and fears become entangled as they try, desperately, to connect with the callers and with each other. 

We're auditioning for four specific roles. Please only apply if you genuinely believe you are right for the part. Here are the character breakdowns: 

- Frances: 39, female, any ethnicity. The Team Leader. Relentlessly bright, optimistic and practical. Overuses exclamation marks and, more recently, the “Crying Laughing” emoji in work emails. She’s committed to the job - firmly believes that people need to be reassured when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Some of this determination comes from her own fear of an uncertain and formidable future, for herself and for her soon-to-be-born twins. Sometimes it feels like her unshakeable positivity is as much a mantra she’s repeating to her inner worrier as it is for the callers. It’s as if admitting to even a smidgen of worry or doubt would allow the hopelessness a small window through which it would stream in and engulf her.  

- Angie: 27, female, any ethnicity. Angie is just coming up to her 6 month Brightline Anniversary and she is VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT. She’s always wanted to be part of a team. In bed most nights Angie finds herself absentmindedly going over all the conversations she’s had that day, thinking of ways she could have been quicker or wiser or funnier - practicing for conversations that have already happened. She’s always been a bit up in the clouds, always seen the world through a slightly different lens to the people around her. Which makes her feel quite lonely a lot of the time. Especially because she loves people really, she loves hearing their stories. And she has a real sense of fun and an infectious cackle of a laugh. There’s a joy and innocence about her that occasionally bubbles up through those layers of social confusion.   

- Jon: 32, male, any ethnicity. Charismatic but dripping with cynicism and world-weariness. He talks out of the side of his mouth a lot. Was probably really “embarrassingly” into Nietzsche and Bukowski as a teenager and doesn’t like to admit that he still kind of is. He loves a big, performative, theatrical moan and thinks it’s important to be real and honest about the state of things. Chews a lot of nicotine gum as part of a bimonthly attempt to quit smoking. But he has a quieter, well-concealed tender side as well. He really, genuinely listens to the callers and tries to understand them. He’s learning to play the trombone because his husband wants him to engage in something constructive. He started coming to Brightline as a way of forcing himself to be more positive. He’s terrified that he makes those around him feel sad.  

- Joey: 17, male, any ethnicity. The newest member of the team. Joey’s volunteering at Brightline as part of his school’s work experience scheme. He’s nervous about handling the callers and unused to working alongside adults. He’s very green, malleable and uncomfortable in his own skin - constantly pulling and chewing at the sleeves of a worn-down hoody. He’s defensive in conversation - shields up, careful not to expose himself - but also desperate to pick up any tips or advice from the adults. To him, they seem like giants, so fixed and defined in their personalities, where his fluctuates and morphs depending on who he’s around. He wants to do a good job.


Please note you must be over the age of 16 to apply for an audition. There is no upper age limit but we are looking for actors who can play 17 – 39 respectively, so please only apply if your playing age is fit for the characters.


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The closing date for applications is 12pm Friday 19 October.