THEATRE - Ensemble & German-Speaking Main roles for 'TINA - THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL' - STUTTGART - GERMANY AUDITIONS (apply by 7th Nov)



The musical spans Tina’s life from childhood, through to meeting Ike and starting the Ike and Tina Turner revue. It takes into account the years of physical and mental abuse she endured from Ike and how she escaped and transformed her life and musical career.

The show is performed in german language.

Written by Katori Hall with Frank Ketelaar and Kees Prins. With the songs of Ike and Tina Turner and Tina Turner. Director: Phyllida Lloyd, Musical Supervisor: Nick Skilbeck, Choreographer: Anthony Van Laast, Set and costume design: Mark Thompson.

For our production of TINA - THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL opening Fall 2020 at Palladium Theatre Stuttgart we are casting the following positions:

(Female), Playing age mid teens-early 40’s. Afroamerican. The piece spans through these years of Tina’s life. Known for her distinctive vocal style and performance skills, the story focuses on Tina’s introduction into the music industry with Ike Turner and the years of physical abuse she endured during her marriage to Ike. Also how transformed her life and rebuilt her career after divorcing him. Looking for a charismatic leading actress with excellent singing voice and huge amounts of vocal stamina and star quality. Feisty. Must be able to move very well.

(Male), Playing age: Early 30’s. Afroamerican.Charismatic, a showman. Has a dangerous, vicious streak. Prone to sudden bouts of violence. Manipulative. Often high on drugs. Looking for a hugely experienced LEADING actor. This is NOT a big singing role.

(Female), Tina’s mother. Playing age: 40’s. Afroamerican. Had an abusive relationship with Tina’s father. Tough, detached, cruel. Develops a close relationship with Ike. Finds it difficult to be maternal. Resents Tina and had an estranged relationship with her. Looking for an experienced leading actress..

(Female), Playing age: Late teens- early 30’s. Afroamerican.Tina’s older sister. Light carefree energy. No worries, fun loving, lives in the moment. Exuberant, bubbly. Looking for an experienced actress with excellent singing voice and good movement skills.

(Female), Playing age: 30-35, Caucasian. Tina’s first Manager, confidant and close friend. Authoritative but caring. Has Tina’s best interests at heart. Rhonda started off as a business manager for the Ike and Tina Turner revue and helped Tina launch a solo career after she left Ike. Looking for an experienced actress with excellent singing voice and good movement skills.

(Male), Playing age: 27-35, Caucasian. Australian. The Manager who transformed Tina’s career in the 80’s. When we first meet Roger he is only 27. Passionate about music. Excitable, strong willed. Needs to have excellent comic skills. Looking for an experienced actor with excellent singing voice and good movement skills.

(Female), Playing age 60’s. Tina’s Grandmother. Afroamerican. A little slower physically but still very sharp. She’s more Tina’s mother than Zelma has ever been. Supportive. Everpresent. Looking for a very strong character actress with excellent singing voice.

- ERWIN BACH & other cameo roles
(Male). Playing age 20's. Caucasian. Tina's German marketing manager who she falls in love with and later marries. The couple remain married to this day. Younger than Tina, charismatic, gentle, clearly intelligent and handsome. Magnetism is essential to believe she fell in love at one glance. Must be an excellent actor with a strong voice and good movement. Caucasian.

- PHIL SPECTOR and other cameo roles
(Male). The prolific record producer, musician, songwriter, and businessman. Signed Ike and Tina to his label. An eccentric genius, looking for a very strong character actor with excellent singing voice and a good eye for comedy. Caucasian.

Afroamerican. One of Ike’s band, The Kings of Rhythm. Has undeniable chemistry with Tina.Charming. Hates the abuse Ike inflicts on Tina. Has a good spirit. Plays other cameo roles and ensemble parts.

(Male). - Anna Mae’s (Tina's) Father and Zelma’s husband. Afroamerican. A Preacher. Full of passion, fire and spirit. Has a violent, fiery relationship with Zelma and inflicts physical abuse. Looking for an excellent actor and strong singer with good movement. Plays other cameo roles and ensemble parts.

Female/Male, afroamerican/Caucasian, various playing age. Looking for excellent dancers and singers with strong acting skills to be in the ensemble and to cover all characters above.

Travel Expenses to the audition can not be reimbursed

**Closing Date for incoming auditions 07.11.2019**

Associate Casting Director: Christoph Trauth

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