THEATRE - Actors with singing and movement skills for play 'Becoming Berenice' (apply by 26th Aug)



FORGE are casting for Becoming Berenice
Dates: 22nd October to 22nd November
Pay: 300 or 471 per week (tbc)

Send CVs/Spotlight links by SUNDAY 26th August 2018 to and and we will arrange auditions or self-tapes for the week 3rd-7th September.

Venues accessible. We welcome D/deaf & Disabled applicants!

For all actors a knowledge of French or fluency in the language will be considered a bonus, but do not be put off if you don't speak French!

1) Actor description:
To be played by a WOMAN (cis or trans), NON-BINARY, or TRANS person (to make the play '50:50') ANY AGE, but physically lithe and fit.
North Africa, Southern & Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Asian, East Asian, Middle-Eastern all possible provenances.
Can sound British or not. Funny bones or at least ability to interact well with the audience, and physically inhabit a 'clown' or 'fool' character.

CLOWNING or tumbling skills or at least an interest in exploring those.
Excellent verse speaking and clarity required. Good rapport with the audience. Basic singing and harmonising essential.

2) Actor description:
The actor must be male, British (or sound British!), but can be of ANY BRITISH ISLES COUNTRY OR REGION, and ANY ETHNICITY. He must be strong, and a believable warrior. Has to believably be younger than Berenice, anyone 20s or 30s should be ok. Send us your charismatic verse speakers who can move.

Strong verse speaking skills an absolute necessity, and physical fitness is also a must, due to exploration of basic circus/physical theatre work.

3) Actor description:
ANY GENDER, older. ANY AGE from 40ish upwards. ANY ETHNICITY, but must sound British (ANY BRITISH). The important thing is gravitas, authority. And to a degree, ruthlessness. Paulin will do what it takes to keep the Empire (and the Emperor) on the straight and narrow. Paulin would definitely have voted for Brexit. Strong and stable is his or her motto. Oh, and keeping the riff-raff rabble out and under control.

Excellent clarity and subtlety in verse speaking.
Physically fit, able to be a part of the physical ensemble when not in a scene. Will include simple elements of dance and lifts, good mover required.
Good singing skills.

source: Theatre Forge Facebook