SHORT FILM - Northern Ireland based Male & Female Actors for a short film (apply by 22nd Feb)


Project Title - My Favourite Paul
Project Type - Short Film
Writer - Jacinta Owens
Director - Rebekah Davis
Producer - Meghan McArdle
Exec Producer - Julia Gardner
Production Company - Lacada Entertainment
Pay - Paid. Low Budget

Looking for:

- Northern Ireland based Male & Female Actors for a short film

Paul wants two be the best version of himself, but his drinking buddies are getting in the way.  Paul is a great guy trapped in an average guys life.  He works all week in a call centre and hosts the pub every night with his younger workmates, PJ and Oonagh.  Now he has the chance to be sent overseas with work, but he constantly self-sabotages by giving in to the lure of after-work drinks.  One day it all goes a bit too far and he sees that he's headed down the wrong path.  But can friendship between drinking buddies survive when one goes off the drink?

Applications Open:   14th Feb
Deadlines Close:    22nd Feb
Recalls:       end of Feb
Filming:       2 days in March

In the spirit of the funding scheme we want to offer opportunities to untapped talent across the board.  This is an opportunity for actors who may be new to the craft to let us know they're around.

As everyone now has easy access to video recording (i.e mobile phone cameras) we are only accepting submissions by upload to:

  • 2 minutes max.  We'll have stopped watching by 2'15, there's no benefit in making your piece longer.
  • We want to see you full-length and in close-up.
  • Introduce yourself - tell us anything you'd like us to know; experience, height, the role you're auditioning for etc...
  • How will we get hold of you? It's a good idea to show a piece of paper showing your name and contacts details.
  • Perform any suitable piece of your own choosing.

- PAUL (late 30s)
A big, sexy dote, has let his life drift.  Works in a call centre as a sales guy which he's done since he was in his twenties and is really good at, but its not what he wants to do with his life.  He still parties in the same places he always has since he was 22 but the cracks are showing.  Trains everybody up in the company and watches them move on and up.  Getting to be sick of it and having an existential crisis.

- OONAGH (aged 24)
Sincere and in a way oblivious to life's crises.  She is fun and doesn't consider anything too deeply, which actually makes her more profound than she appears.

- PJ (age 22)
Party animal who is a dark horse.  Takes full advantage off the gay party scene but is also madly ambitious and returning to uni to be a lawyer.  Only working in the call centre as a stopgap.  Truly work hard/playhard.  Underestimated, which he really couldn't care less about.

- MIRIAM (aged 40)
Fun, funny but a bit lost.  Middle management but only because it pays the family bills.  Down to earth, working for the kids, still remembers her halcyon party days including the time when she was a trainee with Paul at the call centre.  Now she's his boss.

source: @lacadatv