FEATURE FILM - Male & Female Deaf actors (fluent in BSL) for Feature Film Retreat (apply by 30th Sept)


CASTING - RETREAT - Feature Film

Escape Films and 104 Films are now casting for the upcoming feature film RETREAT, which is backed by the BFI, BBC FILMSand CREATIVE ENGLAND under the low-budget feature film initiative -Written and directed by Ted Evans, RETREAT is the first British Sign Language feature of it’s kind - with an ensemble cast of deaf actors. The story is mostly set in a deaf commune, where everyone communicates in sign language.

We are looking for:
- Male & Female Deaf actors (fluent in BSL) for Feature Film Retreat

We are focusing our search on two main characters but details about other exciting and challenging roles will be released soon - for actors and non-actors of all ages, races and genders. To keep updated with this bold, exciting and original production, please follow the RETREAT Facebook page.

A BSL video for this casting brief is available at the following URL address: https://vimeo.com/288712028

MATT is the protagonist in RETREAT and the story revolves around his journey. MATT is very intelligent, healthy and strong, but he is also a confused young man with very little experience of the outside world. MATT is multi-lingual; he can communicate fluently in BSL but also knows ASL and/or International signs - whilst knowledge of these languages are preferable, please still apply even if you don’t sign or know ASL or International signs. MATT also drives a car, so all applicants must have a driving license.
  • Deaf MALE
  • Playing age: 19-21
  • Any Race or Nationality
  • Fit/Healthy
  • Multi-lingual
  • Fluent BSL
  • Driver’s License


1) Improvise a scenario where a person (the camera) has lied to you and betrayed you. Try to make them understand that you know they are not good for you, they are keeping secrets from you, and that you no longer trust them anymore... You may want to use actions such as Berate, Punish, Belittle, Provoke or Blame. You may be Angry, Tired or Upset?

2) Improvise a scenario where you have to convince a person (the camera) that you are not a criminal. Try to make them change their mind about you and get them to help you... You may want to use actions such as Plead,Beg, Manipulate, Grovel, Convert, Cheat or Pressure. You may be Desperate, you may want to hide your Anxiety?

Using the scenario try to create a feeling in you that feels true.

EVA is someone who joins the commune during the course of the story. EVA is angry and hurt about the isolation, the discrimination and oppression she has endured throughout her life and has come to the commune in search of belonging. She has bought into the beliefs of the group and supports their vision. We would prefer if EVA was fluent in BSL but we’re open to considering applicants outside of the UK who would be able to learn BSL to a level where they could communicate with other characters efficiently.
  • Playing age: 20-24
  • Any Race or Nationality
  • KNOWS BSL (Fluent or Second Language)


1) Improvise a scenario where you are telling someone (the camera) that you think that there is something wrong with you... It could be that you are unwell? You could be experiencing psychological problems or maybe you feel that you aren’t very clever? You may want to use actions such as Examine,Inflame, Frighten, Twist, or Curse. You may be Upset or Desperate? You may want to hide your Anxiety or you might have already accepted your fate?

2) Improvise a scenario where you are seducing someone (the camera)... This person may or may not be attracted to you? You may want to use actions such as Tease, Manipulate, Trick, Flirt, Bedazzle or Challenge. Try not to be comical and keep the dialogue going; you don’t have to reference anything sexual, but try to talk about the other person and how you feel about them.

Using the scenario try to create a feeling in you that feels true.


1)  When filming your self-tape, please only film each scenario no longer than 5 mins and make sure you film horizontally like the images above.

2)  If you want to act to a person off screen and not the camera, please make sure you are facing the camera in a medium shot (like the image on the right), and the other person is not in the shot.

3)  If you want to upload two versions of each scenario, that is fine - so long as each take is considerably different, where you have used a different action/choice. Please keep your upload to maximum of 4 takes (2 for each scenario).

4)  When you are happy with your self-tape audition, please upload to Vimeo or YouTube and do not send us video files via dropbox or WeTransfer. If you do not want your video public, you can set your upload to private and send us a link or password.

5)  Please keep your video online until we have sent an email back. We will offer applicants auditions after viewing all of the self-tapes. Unfortunately we won’t be able to give feedback on unsuccessful self-tapes.


All of the roles in RETREAT will be challenging and unprecedented; so we will be looking for openminded people who are engaged, ambitious and dedicated. We want to everyone involved on the project to be committed to making this film to the highest standard.

We welcome self-tapes from both professional actors and non-actors (people who have little or no acting experience) and because we are looking for authentic performances in sign language, we will only consider deaf actors for deaf roles. The ability to sign is of great importance, especially for the two characters in this casting brief, but some of the smaller roles will be non-verbal and open to those who do not sign.

The director is very keen for the commune in RETREAT to represent the true diversity of deaf people; in every corner of the world there are deaf people and they all share a common experience, this is what brings people together and is why we have a multicultural deaf community. So we are keen for people from all backgrounds and cultures to apply and be part of this unique experience.


When you are ready to submit your self-tape, please send to casting@escapefilms.co.uk with the following included in your email:

1)  A link to your self-tape that has been uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube (please include the password if the link is private)

2)  If you are a professional actor please include a CV or Spotlight link.

3)  If you are a non-actor please write a short paragraph about yourself; your interests, your favourite film or movie actor, and tell us what made you want to apply for this role?

4)  If you are not on Spotlight, please submit a recent headshot or photograph (make sure the photograph is a portrait from the shoulders up, with adequate lighting on the face. Please do not submit your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook profile picture...)



We have a limited capacity to reply to all enquiries via email, please only email if the request is absolutely necessary. After applying with your self-tape, depending on the level of interest, you may not receive an email back from us until mid October 2018.

source: escapefilms.co.uk