CRUISE - Versatile Male & Female Singers for MARELLA CRUISE contracts (apply ASAP)


Male & Female Vocalist Auditions
London, 10th September 2019

Save the date, Peel Talent’s next wave of Male and Female Vocalist Auditions are coming to Danceworks, London on Tuesday 10th September!
…and if you’re a born performer who dreams of showcasing your talent in front of thousands of guests each week you could be joining our award-winning Showteams travelling the world with Marella Cruises.
This is an incredible opportunity to do what you love most whilst working with industry leading creatives, musical directors and choreographers across a range of award-winning theatre shows, including contemporary takes on Broadway and West End classics and our own bespoke shows.

Looking for:

- Male & Female Singers for Marella Cruise contracts

To be considered for a Showteam Vocalist position you will need to meet the following requirements
Female Singer Requirements:
- Versatile Soprano (Head to top C & Belt/Strong Mix to E) with Rock/Pop and MT qualities.
- Strong Mezzo-Soprano (Head to G & Belt to E) with Rock/Pop and MT qualities.

Male Singer Requirements:
- Strong Tenor (Chest to top C & Falsetto) with Rock/Pop and MT qualities.
- High Baritone (Chest to top A & Falsetto) with Rock/Pop and MT qualities.

Please see the below links to the pre-selected playlists. Please select one song from group A, and one song from Group B.
Female Vocal Folder
Tenor Vocal Folder
Baritone Folder
You will also need to complete the below Audition Profile and bring this to the audition with you on the day.
Male Vocalist Audition Profile
Female Vocalist Audition Profile


If this sounds like your dream career please apply for our Male & Female Vocalist Auditions on Tuesday 10th September by emailing your CV and Cover Letter to