CRUISE - Performers for World Debut of new musical on board Norwegian Cruise Lines (apply ASAP)



AUDITIONS IN LONDON - Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April 19

Norwegian Cruise Line is committed to raising the bar on what can be expected from at-sea entertainment. We deliver A-list productions with amazing directors like Warren Carlyle, Patti Wilcox, and Tiger Martina, with competitive salaries and professional working environments (and of course, the bonus of cruising to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations!). It’s an exciting time to become a part of the Norwegian family.

¡HAVANA! is a celebration of Cuba's music and culture, journeying back in time to its 1950's heyday. Making its world debut on Norwegian Bliss and led by Tony Award®--winning director and choreographer Warren Carlyle, this lively musical is set at The Palace of Lights, where backstage intrigue combines with seductive rhythms and sultry dance moves to bring you an exhilarating, edge-of¬ your-seat production. The unforgettable show comes from a team of Broadway creative powerhouses, including famed Cuban-American design duo Ruben and Isabel Toledo, creators of the spectacular set and vivid costumes. Cast members in HAVANA will also have roles in Happy Hour the Musical, Prohibition Edition.

Producer : Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
Dates : TRAVEL TO TAMPA: July 28, 2019
TAMPA REHEARSALS: July 29, 2019 – August 30, 2019
TRAVEL TO THE SHIP: September 1, 2019
BOARD THE SHIP: September 1, 2019
End of Contract: Approximately 6 months after joining

Location : Rehearsals in Tampa, FL
Ship : Norwegian Bliss – international cruises

Excellent on board salary - details provided to auditionees

We are looking for the following roles :

30s. Female. A Cuban grand diva. Queen of the nightclub. Sings with a voice of authority and experience. Think Olga Guillot in her prime. Strong and imperial. RANGE: ALTO

30s. Male. This Cuban founder and owner of the nightclub. Affable. An expert MC and an expert host. Great at repartee. Think George Clooney…. Strong harmony skills required. RANGE: LYRIC TENOR

20s. Female. A Cuban chorus girl who is clearly on her way to a bigger career. Fierce dancer with a strong, amazing voice. Oozes sensuality. Think of a young La Lupe. A tornado on stage. RANGE: MEZZO SOPRANO. Fabiola also portrays Miss Lulu in Happy Hour the Musical, Prohibition Edition – The proprietor of Mahogany Hall and a staple of the Storyville entertainment scene. Known throughout the country for her larger than life productions and ability to keep a secret, she runs the classiest illegal joint in New Orleans.
(This artiste has to do the dance call first before singing.)

20’s to 30’s. A Cuban crooner. The most seductive man in Havana. A heart throb. So handsome you dream he isn’t a cad but when you get to know him later it turns out he is a cad. Of course he is. Strong bolero singer, you should melt when you hear him sing. RANGE: BARITONE.

20’s – 30’s. Cuban Female. Technique and ability to pick up choreography fast is a must. Partnering skills needed - trained dancers. Female Ensemble and Dancers also portray the following characters in Happy Hour the Musical, Prohibition Edition.

- MR. MAC - A Storyville Renaissance woman with a hearty laugh and a dark past. A musician, “the muscle”, and Miss Lulu’s part-time lover, Mr. Mac is the heartbeat of Mahogany Hall.

- BESSIE BOURBON – A sexy firecracker from Chicago who’s traveled to New Orleans with her bootlegger boyfriend. And now he got himself locked up. She’s determined to make enough money to bail him out….and just wait until you see what she does for tips.

- IMOGEN – Fresh off the boat from France, Imogen has come to New Orleans to escape the political unrest of Europe. What she lacks in grasp of the English language she makes up for in sensuality.

- LE CYGNE – A stunning ballerina from New Orleans, who has worked her way into this world, very unexpectedly

20’s – 30’s. Cuban Male. Technique and ability to pick up choreography fast is a must. Partnering skills needed - Strong trained dancers. All male dancers should have a strong athletic physique and be able to perform shirtless when required.


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source: Debbie O'Brien Casting Facebook