CRUISE - OPEN CALL TOMORROW!! LONDON - Principals & Ensemble for HAIRSPRAY Royal Caribbean


CASTING - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - HAIRSPRAY
March 4th, 2019 to March 7th, 2019

In Hairspray, it's 1962, the 50's are out and change is in the air. Baltimore's Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, has only one passion - to dance. She wins a spot on the local TV dance program, "The Corny Collins Show" and, overnight, is transformed from outsider to irrepressible teen celebrity. But can a trendsetter in dance and fashion vanquish the program's reigning princess, win the heart of heartthrob Link Larkin, and integrate a television show without denting her 'do? Only in Hairspray! Welcome to the 60's!


4th March - 9:30am *Agent Dancers and *Agent Singers

                   *Agents/Managers:  Please submit electronically through

                    Breakdown Services for an appointment.

5th March - 9:00am Open Call Dancers & Open Call Singers

6th March - 9:00am Callbacks (Dancers & Principal Singers)

7th March - 9:00am Final Callbacks

Location for 5th March OPEN CALL:
16 Balderton Street
London , London W1K 6TN  GB

Principal Singers
Prior to your audition, you will need to print out and prepare all required audition material applicable to the role for which you are coming in to audition. Please see character breakdown and click on the link provided. Bring audition packet with you to the audition.

Also, come prepared with your best 16 – 32 bars of a ballad and an up-tempo in contrasting styles, as you may be asked to sing additional material. Vocal styles should include: Pop/Rock, R&B, Contemporary Musical Theatre, and Jazz. Sheet music is required in the proper key. An accompanist will be provided. Strong acting ability required. Singers will be taught a movement combination and should come prepared with proper dance attire.

Singers will also perform in our Signature Production Show. Vocal versatility is a plus.

Dancers / Ensemble
We are casting strong versatile technical dancers with a musical theatre / commercial / tap background. Be prepared to learn three challenging combinations of contrasting dance styles.

You will also want to come prepared with your best 16 – 32 bars of a ballad and an up-tempo in contrasting styles, as you may be asked to sing. Vocal styles should include: Pop/Rock, R&B, Contemporary Musical Theatre, and Jazz. Sheet music is required in the proper key. An accompanist will be provided. Acting ability required.

You will also perform in our Signature Production Show.

We will be casting to fill the following roles:

-Edna Turnblad
(Featured Actor/Actor-Comedian/Bass-Baritone)
40 – 50, Male to play female, Caucasian, large physique. Sincere and honest, not camp drag. Strong acting and comic ability a must. 60’s Baltimore housewife, “larger-than-life” character actor with singing ability to convincingly play mother of Tracy. (May wear a fat suit and must be able to move in heels). Simple dance/movement required.

Edna's Audition Material

-Tracy Turnblad
(Featured Singer/Mezzo-Soprano with strong belt)
Female, Caucasian, 5’5 or shorter, to play high school age. Strong plus size teen with aspirations to change the world – optimistic. Strong actress with a natural genuine likability. Outgoing, unstoppable, goodhearted with vibrant, lovable, spirited personality. Loves to dance. Strong theatre/pop belt singer and great mover.

Tracy's Audition Material

-Link Larkin
(Featured Singer/High Bari-tenor with strong falsetto)
Male, Caucasian, to play high school age. Handsome, sexy, clean-cut, goodhearted, down to-earth. The heartthrob of the local TV teen dance show. Strong pop singer and great mover – does dancer choreography.

Link's Audition Material

-Motormouth “Maybelle”

(Featured Singer/Alto with high belt)
40 – 50, Female, African American. Seaweed and Little Inez’s mother. Queen of Baltimore Soul, a radio DJ. Powerful and inspiring, with infectious, brassy personality. Strong, soulful, gospel/pop singer – old school gospel diva, voice is very important. 60’s cool and hip – liberal – part of civil rights movement. Strong actress with ability to convey depth and light-heartedness. Minimal movement required.

Motormouth's Audition Material

-Corny Collins

(Featured Singer/High Baritone)
Male, Caucasian. Host of the local TV teen dance show. Handsome, charming, engaging, smooth. Young Dick Clark type. Strong pop singer, movement a plus.

Corny's Audition Material

-Seaweed J.Stubbs

(Featured Singer/Tenor to A with strong falsetto)
Male, African American, to play high school age. Penny’s boyfriend. Cool, sexy, street smart, goodhearted. Good actor with strong young masculine presence. Strong, soulful, tenor pop singer and great mover.

Seaweed's Audition Material

-Penny Pingleton

(Featured Singer/Mezzo-Soprano)
Female, Caucasian, to play high school age. Ditzy, neurotic, devoted best friend of Tracy. Good sense of comedic timing with good physique. Strong high belt-contemporary theatre/Pop voice. Must be a good mover.

Penny's Audition Material

-Little Inez

(Lead Vocalist/Mezzo-Soprano with strong belt/mix)
Female, African- American, must be able to play 15ish, Seaweed’s lovable little sister. Spunky, tough, streetwise, outgoing, older than her years. Must be able to move very well - does dancer choreography. May doubles as one of the Dynamites. Soulful voice with strong belt.

Little Inez's Audition Material

-Amber Von Tussle

(Lead Vocalist/Mezzo-Soprano)
Female, Caucasian, to play high school age – Tracy's nemesis. Strong dancer/singer/actress who can play bratty, popular, spoiled princess who gets her way, in high school. Must be a strong dancer.

Amber's Audition Material

-Velma Von Tussle

(Featured Actor/Mezzo-Soprano with strong belt/mix)
35 – 50, may look younger. Female, Caucasian, former beauty queen. Plays Amber’s mother. Big fish in a small pond – domineering – stage mother. Upscale, attractive, and prejudiced snob who always wants her daughter in the spotlight. Strong actress who has poise and good sense of her body and a strong singing voice. Simple dance/ movement required.

Velma's Audition Material

-Prudy Pingleton / Gym Teacher

(Featured Actor/Mezzo-Soprano)
40 – 55, Female, Caucasian, comedic actress to play various zany roles including Penny Pingleton’s uptight and small-minded mother. Also plays a sadistic high school gym teacher. Must be a sharp, funny, inventive character. (Minimal-singing role) – Simple dance/movement required.

Prudy's Audition Material

-Wilbur Turnblad / Mr. Pinky / Principal

(Featured Actor/Baritone)
40 – 55, Male, Caucasian, working class inventor. Tracy’s Father. Sweet, goofy, childlike personality. Funny, good character singer. Also plays various supporting roles including a flamboyant fashion boutique owner and a condescending high school principal. Must be an inventive character actor. Simple dance/movement required.

Wilbur's Audition Material

-Pearl (Lead Dynamite)

(Featured Singer/Soprano with strong belt/mix up to a high A)
25 – 30, Female, African-American, soulful voice, strong belt, must be able to sing tight harmonies and move well. May also be part of ensemble in certain numbers and understudies Motormouth.

Pearl (Lead Dynamite)'s Audition Material

-Ensemble / Swing

Males & Females, all races, to play young high school teenagers. Strong dancer/singer/actors who may be required to understudy leading roles. Dance styles should include Musical Theatre, Jazz & Tap (a plus).

Ensemble Audition Material