COMMERCIAL - London Based People for 'TFL' Commercial (apply ASAP)


CASTING - TFL - TV Commercial

Looking for:

- a diverse range of people to be a part of a new commercial for TFL, highlighting the wonderful richness of London’s inhabitants!
We’re looking for LONDONERS! Quirky, interesting, relatable & fun!

To apply, you should be:

· 18-65 years old
· Must be living in London
· Must be free to shoot on August 1st and/or 2nd (in London)
· Must fit into one of the varied character roles as follows:

Individual 1:
Older ‘Freewheeling’ Cyclist (40 – 65 yrs) – must be able to ride a bike like it’s second nature! He commutes to work & back on his bike every day! He freewheels down hills and loves nothing more than the freedom his bike provides. Cycling trips are his ideal holidays!

*Group 1: Wheelchair user & group of friends (all ages, must be over 18!) – we’re ideally looking for a wheelchair user and his or hers group of friends who love live music – ideally you have a favourite band or genre of music & you go to gigs all the time!
Equally we’re open to other interests/passion you engage in as a group.

*Group 2: Team of Football Players (all ages, must be over 18!) – a team who play football on the weekends or after work, perhaps you’re in a Sunday League or play 5-aside. We’re after lots banter & camaraderie!

*Group 3: Group of Female Friends (20s/30s) – a group of natural, easy going & fun-loving friends who love going out together!

*MUST apply as a group

Please Note - The only individual applicant person is our OLDER CYCLIST role – ALL other applications MUST be made as a group (see application form below for more details).

If you fit any of the above briefs:  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Successful candidates chosen to shoot will be paid: £250 per person (daily shoot fee)
Then *£700 usage per individual person (IF used in the final commercial alone, ‘Individual 1’)
or + *£500 usage per person (IF used in the final commercial in a group shot – ‘Group 1, 2, 3’)
NB* Usage is to cover 1 year airing on TV/VOD, Cinema, and Online in the UK

No acting/modelling experience necessary and we’re looking for more than one candidate, so please SHARE this with friends & colleagues and as always, this casting is fully inclusive - we are looking for applications ALL looks, nationalities & ethnicities, cultural backgrounds & sexuality.