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IMPORTANT STATEMENT: In recent months we've been getting some resistance from Casting Directors that have been unhappy with us sharing  castings from their social media. We therefore want to make the following information more accessible to them, so they know the true reasonings for this site and the free usage of it.

OPEN AUDITIONS website is run by a group of actors that share jobs we find online. We joined forces after the demise of The Stage's job listings as more and more Casting Directors took to Twitter and other Social Media to share jobs outside of Spotlight.

We are a totally free website to all users - we don't charge anything to anyone. Actors have to pay so much already - we just want to help share the information.

We only take castings from the public domain if we haven't been sent them directly from Casting Directors, which we are getting more and more frequently.  We don't want to upset Casting Directors by sharing their breakdowns without permission so invite them to contact us at anytime.

With over 14,000 industry users , we know we can be of use to many Casting teams and are contacted frequently by major Casting Directors wishing to use our free service.

We would be happy to work with you and share any jobs you feel relevant to our users (and won't share any you would prefer not).

Please CONTACT US  if we can be of any assistance, or if you would like more information.

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